Close to The One

How do I want to live?
Who do I want to be ?
What’s the whole point anyway ?
We’re only here for a bit.
To be Close to Him.
That’s really all there is.

In every moment,in all actions,
In intentions,in our every particle.
To be Close to Him.
That’s really all there is.

As we take,as we give,
As we talk,as we listen
In our gathering,in quiet stillness.
To be Close to Him
Is really all there is.

As we live,as we die, as we go on.
In the known..into the unknown
Through all time.
To be Close to Him
Is really,completely,absolutely
All there is.
Al Ahad-the One.

                                           – Uzma Hyder. 

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It’s All Grace

Simplicity in this moment.

A quiet easy peace.

It’s all Grace.

What am I looking for.

In books, in teachers, in Nature’s trees.

It’s all Grace.


It’s in seeing our ego’s dance and fight.

It’s in watching it and knowing its all in my mind.

It’s in my loud prayers so my being resonates.

What Grace !


To honestly be, to devoutly pray,

To have faith

Magnificent Grace !


So the hold of the world and our troubles lessen.

An ease becomes our being.



Our heart opens,

tears open, sensitive, vulnerable, real ..

Humble care , for oneself, for every person.

…a gentle space.

As we Focus on Grace.


Everywhere we see, all that we do, our absolute surrender, all our praise.

It is Only and Only and Always, His Grace.

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Pray, Praise, Be Grateful

Pray aloud,
For the mind to quieten,
the worry to dissipate.
Pray deeply,
or all winds to hear,
for my being to resonate.
Pray absolutely,
for the world to fall away,
for every particle to rise, to sway.
Pray with all force,
the force rising within,
energizing, humbling.
Pray, as it fills our mind, our hearts, our every molecule, our entire self.
To the One.
With complete presence, all our energy, every space.
Bow, Praise, Talk, Ask, Be Grateful,
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Fireworks of Light. Finding Grace in every moment.

There are fireworks in the sky, some in the distance, some near, but they’re always there. They make us gasp, our hearts beat and in that moment of amazement, our breath freezes. An exclamation of joy. 

In the distance or above our heads, the fireworks are always there. In this spit second or after much time to come, the fireworks are always there. In the future and the present. 

I spent 31st December , 2009 in a hospital room, with a specialist from USA ,here to see my brother. We missed the moment the clock struck 12. And it didn’t matter.

We spent the moment, doing what mattered most.

As we move into health and re-enter the world again, I’m back on my terrace, gasping at fireworks, with maybe a tear in my eye.

In difficulty, through it, after it, I’ve felt the indescribable beauty, the magnificence of God’s Grace upon us. The gratitude is immense. In the hardest of times, we’re closest to Him.

As I stand under the sky of lights sparkling, I remember our healing journey. I bow completely, utterly, in my heart, in my spirit to the One.

Near or afar, here or in the future, there are fireworks that light up the  sky.

In every moment of difficulty, in every moment of ease.

Always, Everywhere His Light.

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Our purpose- of grand, grand design.

Seeing Nature, makes philosophers out of all of us. A photographer studies the smallest pieces of sand under a microscope to see how beautiful each nano piece is.

Do we ever look at sad, or mud, or the floor or a table or our skin to think how radiantly beautiful each nano part us, and how these parts make our whole?

Each distilled over centuries, each with a simple purpose, each beautiful and living with meaning.

Not a purpose of fame and richness and success but a purpose of grand design. To pulsate so our hearts beat, to be soft as we walk on the beach, to shine as rays of the sun. And there is light and this is life.

So the mothers that feed that children and take care of homes,truly live in the spirit of nurturing, being so beautiful in their care and with love, in the nitty grittys of house work, taking forward life. 

The ones that work the fields, keep an ecosystem going, cleaning a field, throwing old weeds, and watching pink flowers beam with glory.

Whatever we do, wherever we are, these stunning cells make up our life. Can you imagine always being, always feeling so beautiful. So part of eternity . 

Magnificent, grand, grand, design. What joy, what pride !! And we still go looking for meaning when it all here. Keep moving, doing, serving, being. 

Magnificent, grand, grand, design.

The beautiful nano details of our world

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Finding happiness and equanimity.

Her goal is to always be happy’, someone once described me thus. And its true. Its what I was seeking.

 The sun that never sets, the light that always shines, the flowers always in bloom, harmony amongst all people.

 A solution to everything is what I sought.

 I’ve seen difficulty, hardship. I know it exists. I’ve accepted it, been in that moment, lived there with courage and hope and an understanding that this is God’s Will and there is wisdom in it.

 Dire situations make us surrender and walk with courage. Everyday life, troubles me more.

 I want perfection in this moment. I want the moment to be extraordinary.

 So I seek, relentlessly. I research, I read, I try to find solutions, wisdom I call it.

 But it always, me against the moment. It’s me -chasing away the present. It’s me- procrastinating.

 It is never perfect. Perfect is an idea in our head. Hard-work is perfect, to go on , is perfect, to accep is perfect.

 I judge the moment a lot, and everything in it. But when I let the judgement drop, when I take away my need for perfection, it all settles down.

 There is more compassion, more goodness. More warmth , more care.

 Perfection is Heaven, and this is life :) . Simple life, where people make mistakes, where we struggle and fight, and rise up and smile. Where it rains and there are storms and then a brand new day.

 And its all okay. When I judge, the storm, I create devastation within. I can’t smile through the storm, but I can watch it, and know this is reality. Storms happen. People bull-doze trees. 

 We can be brave, and gather our supplies and stay warm, in the storm. Calling it names,doesn’t help anyone.

 So I don’t judge the storm, or myself. I know I can’t expect good weather at all times or people to always be nice. And thats okay. We strive for perfection in all parts of our lives, happiness, success, camaraderie. And the striving is a bit unrealistic, it feels. No one is always happy, we don’t always have good weather. So I don’t judge the storm anymore, the fallen tree. I accept it.

There is deeper reason, a depression in the ocean, a soul stirring that needs care and attention. When I watch the storm, I go deeper into its soul, I see its balm.  The wisdom emerges, the goodness even .

 It’s a peaceful world, of honesty with our emotions, acceptance and —-equanimity.  

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How can I help ? All I have is Awe.

 beauty begets Beauty, grace finds Grace, awe meets Awe.

 When I share, the wonder of a magnificent sky exploding with soft clouds and shots of pink and light orange, I see the trees softly swaying even more.

 When I write of the never-ending joy of a flower blossoming, a friend shares a video of the same, in time lapse photography, capturing each minute of a flower opening its petals to the world. 

 The photographer says, he had little money, he had Awe and Time.

 When I speak of being a bird, and flying across skies, a reader sends a video putting poetry to motion.

 When there is this much beauty, in the world, the heart explodes. All our hearts explode.

 I asked myself, how do my words, my writing, this blog, help people. For the world moves forward, and round , as we help each other.

 I talk of beauty, and this awe, this wonder of mine, fills my words. I talk of gratitude, of the synchronized wisdom and fitting of all pieces of Nature, and friends send me videos, of the same.

 Making words real. Leaving me, this humble amazement, this trust at Nature’s providing for all its participants, to only, find me again.

 I become part of this whole. I am one of the million leaves of the tree, that gently talk to the wind.

 I become the feather of the bird, as it falls to become a bookmark in a poetry book.

 This awe at God’s Creation, humbles me and gently, softly, takes my ego away and makes my soul , a part of Nature’s World, His World.

 Where fear and worry are long forgotten, and only an easy trust, a simple joy and sense of light being remains.

 And so I am humbled into nothingness, into everything around me, I become a part of His Creation.

 I cannot help. I can only see the ego fall away at times, the mind quietens, and I become a part of the whole. A part of the whole, that is seamlessly run, that is helped , given guidance and provided for.

What do we do ? It is all done for us.

 And I bow. And gratitude and amazement is all there is.

 His Greatness.  

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