What the heart says

“What the heart says is beautiful, is true and is powerful. Listen to the heart and write from it. Live from it.”

I’ve been given this advice many times, by many people, sometimes by wise guides and sometimes by mean critics. Usually the point remains the same. The flowery language is nice, but the words have to stem from the heart and I want to say, “But they Do”… Yet, I know they don’t . I often write from my thoughts, from how things ‘should’ be, from a place of incredible fantasy where pain is exulted and joy makes one giddy and wisdom pours. So, on having received this advice on writing from my heart again today, I have to ask myself , what is the truth of my heart?

What does my heart have to say? What does it believe in—

I can write of theories I know, and all the Deepak Chopra  I have read, but that is not the answer. I have lived so long in the world of my thoughts and my mind that it has become reality, but it isn’t. So , as a wise friend says, I have to write from experience.

If I listen solely to the heart, what would the heart say:

-I believe in goodness, to never intentionally hurt another and if done so

un-intentionally to become aware and change that.

-To learn and keep learning, about self and life.

-To try and grow.

-To find peace

-To be nice .

-That there is beauty in this world, much beauty and I love it. It may be the only time the heart soars without thought.

-To feel the powerful strong wind so full of life, to see a pink blue sky as the sun sets, this makes my heart smile.

-When I feel true gratitude, for life, for healing, for the food we eat, for those that help us, for kindness and abundance, then the heart speaks thanking God.

I am a little troubled , I wish my heart had more to say, or that I could hear it more clearly. I leave this article to pray and then I know. No matter what the trouble, how many thoughts circle the mind- I pray.                                               Sometimes the mind isn’t focussed whilst praying, sometimes I don’t pray all the 5 obligatory prayers, but whatever may happen, even if I get distracted or forget; to prayer I always return. I was worried I didn’t have anything constant, anything truly from the heart to write about and it came to me as I saw the clock and realized-it was time to pray. As times change, through joy and difficulty, I pray .

In every heartfelt prayer I find peace, the heart finds rest, there is a connection established, a reminder, that Allah takes care of all. All we have to do is trust , ask and be good. So I pray.

When does the heart speak- I don’t have many answers, yet it is a worthy quest.

Fears, worry, endless searching and thoughts have clouded the heart.

So I try, to clear the heart and find its voice.

A worthy quest. What does your heart say ?


About Uzma

Welcome . This blog is a place of reflection ,a place of simple inspiration. A place where we share the simplicity and grandeur of life, as it teaches us, humbles us and leaves us full of gratitude. The journey is one of sheer Grace.
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