Destiny and the journey

Accepting what is…

Difficulty and hardship, upheaval and trouble suddenly strike us, sneak up upon us and hit us unawares. It could be an accident, a lay off , a flood or some other seemingly inexplicable event. And we all ask why? Why did this happen? Why? And so we struggle with the present.

Ups and downs, drastic highs and dangerous lows are a part of all our lives . It is our balanced acceptance of both of them that defines our journey of life.

We can never truly know why. What we can do is learn from it.

The will of God, of the Creator is unknown. Sometimes we just don’t know and we can’t. That is out of our control, yet our present attitude and our present action are in our control.

We can lament the unfortunate happening or we can learn from it. We can cry and wail or be grateful for this moment and those that have come forward to help us, in person, in books, in life.

It is important to know why a mishap occurred. For if it was a mistake then it can be corrected or it could be a lesson to learn. But sometimes, things happen. My wise friend told me , nothing is good or bad, it just is.

And that is a perfect yet hard road for some of us to walk.

The road of acceptance for this moment.

The road that’s says everything is exactly as it should be, so go on walking. We can choose to go round and round in circles or we can choose to walk ahead.

We can choose to accept the moment, to trust in Divine Will. This is what it is to have faith ; to trust that the road we’re on is meant for us and is taking us somewhere even though the destination may be unknown. I often remember in times like this, what my goal is, yet I am equally conscious of how I walk on my journey ; in tears, or in acceptance and gratitude. I sway but I try -to trust the moment and trust the journey, with honour, dignity and respect for the ways of life. It helps, if we find the wisdom to always smile  🙂

About Uzma

Welcome . This blog is a place of reflection ,a place of simple inspiration. A place where we share the simplicity and grandeur of life, as it teaches us, humbles us and leaves us full of gratitude. The journey is one of sheer Grace.
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6 Responses to Destiny and the journey

  1. Dia says:

    We all experience good and bad times in our lives. What I personally do is look for the positive in everything that happens and try learn from it. Thanks uzma7 for sharing

  2. Uzma here you go:

    “We can never truly know why. What we can do is learn from it.”

    Well done!

  3. Aysel says:

    The “why” question has been stuck in my head for the past several months like a splinter. I was so tired of feeling guilty for being unable to find the answer or the solution. You post was so comforting – it came as a relief that it’s okay not to know.

    “The road that’s says everything is exactly as it should be, so go on walking. We can choose to go round and round in circles or we can choose to walk ahead.” – I know I was going in circles. I hope I will be able to walk ahead with trust and confidence. Thank you for your positive view on such a downer as being lost in life.

    • uzma7 says:

      @ Aysel. Dear friend, sometimes the message, the answer, the solution comes to be when its meant to. We can’t rush it, or push it. We have to learn to focus on the good, on what we learnt and learn to find our joy, to open up, to let the light in. It is my pleasure and honour to be able to be of any assistance. We all have our ups and downs, what helps is knowing that we’re not alone 🙂 Take care, trust yourself and all will be well.

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