Finding a candle: solutions come from action and calm.

 The lights went out as they do sometimes in India and there was sudden darkness. The unexpected makes one ponder life and its uncertainties. What do we do when they strike us? Some people scream and get worried when the lights go out, and in the process get stuck to where they are. Some wait, find their bearing, and then find their way to light a candle. Do we accept what is and find solutions or do we struggle and make external events our masters?

 It was raining heavily and I went onto the porch of our farm to see a blazing fire in the distance. The fire looked like a shining glow of a sports stadium from afar. There weren’t flames raging, just a beaming orange light. Suddenly a boom, the fire exploded and everything went black. It must have been an electricity transformer that caught fire in the rain and then exploded leaving us in darkness. This is quite normal in India, especially in the rain (no one was hurt) .

 Before the lights went out, I was reading a manuscript of a translated text on Sufism. The particular chapter was talking about accepting what is, changing the negative banter of our thoughts by the positive affirmation of Trust in the Divine Will, of realizing that we leave with nothing from this world, so nothing is truly ever ours. What resonated most with me was that riches, stature, fame and fortune are never ours. Rather they are external masters.

 Then the fire burned and the lights went out.

I went to look for a candle, I wondered? What do I do in life when sudden darkness strikes?  Do I make the external event my master or do I find my strength within and seek solutions.

The forced darkness of the moment makes one seek a solution instantly. We can’t be sitting in darkness forever. It made me realize this is true for life as well. I can be afraid and stay in this fear forever, or I can get up and act.  How long we choose to stay in the dark is entirely our choice.

  I realized we can be sitting in one place, worried and paranoid .However I will be sitting here, for a long time and never moving. Never fumbling, tripping and then finally finding light.  I may get a little hurt but in time I will learn to see the obstacles and instead of bumping into them, I will eventually learn to use them as support, to mark my way.

 I can learn to wait, and accept the sudden inability to see. By standing still in one place, not internally struggling, letting eyes adjust to the change and then moving forward, I will learn to act out of a place of stillness and calm.

 I can learn to change perspective and that it is all in the mind. Shock will become surprise and then become another new moment to enjoy candle light.

 Finally, I realized that however dark it may be, when I believe, relax, trust and act, I will learn to enjoy the way, and of course, find the light.

End Note :What do you do when darkness strikes? What is your guiding principle in tough times? Do share in the comments section.

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Welcome . This blog is a place of reflection ,a place of simple inspiration. A place where we share the simplicity and grandeur of life, as it teaches us, humbles us and leaves us full of gratitude. The journey is one of sheer Grace.
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26 Responses to Finding a candle: solutions come from action and calm.

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you! I am the same in that I relax and trust. I do take action and often am the one to take the lead.

    • uzma7 says:

      @Amit : It is truly great that you take the lead. Intiative is so important isn’t it. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving us with that important point of taking charge.

  2. Uzma,

    Very well written indeed and the depth of your thought is apparent by sentenses like these;

    “The unexpected makes one ponder life and its uncertainties.”

    “The forced darkness of the moment makes one seek a solution instantly.”

    Good job. Stumbled.

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  4. Loved this Uzma…..permission to share it on my blog with a link to yours next Wednesday?

  5. Uzma,

    I remember in India lights going away suddenly often. It keeps you on your toe and prepare for such an emergency. Here in US, we are unprepared for such an event.

    I really like that you compared it with darkness in life, it is very profound thing to think. I guess one must have to mentally and spiritually prepare for it, something to think about. Thanks for the thought and sharing.

    • uzma7 says:

      @ Preeti. Dear Preeti, what you say is so true. One has to spiritually prepare for it. The wise say, everything begins from within. When we’re at peace and connected with God, everything flows well. Its when the mind starts to play games , thinks too much and creates worries and fears that we get stuck. Am learning to watch the mind. Tough job, but a worthwhile one. Thank you so much for stopping by. God bless

  6. Farouk says:

    that’s an interesting post Uzma, i believe your approach to dealing with darkness is the best one, thanks for sharing it 🙂

  7. Jean Burman says:

    Beautifully expressed Uzma… and gratefully received at this particular time for me as well. Thank you. And thank you too for visiting my website and leaving a lovely comment there. Very much appreciated! 🙂

  8. uzma7 says:

    @ Jean. Dear Jean, Thank YOU for your very kind words. Am so glad this resonated with you. It takes writing and art to a whole new level when we’re able to touch hearts isn’t it? Loved your blog. Will be seeing you there often!

  9. This is beautiful and what a great analogy. One of the first thing I do when the lights go out is remember I’m not alone. I always ask for help from the Divine, Universe, family friends!

  10. uzma7 says:

    @ Tess. Dear Tess, thank you so much for bringing in the most important point. To acknowledge the presence of a Higher Power in times of distress and to have the humility to ask others for help. Great lessons. God bless

  11. The post is up, Uzma …would you like to answer the comments? Let me know.

  12. Claire says:

    Uzma, hello from Ireland. I loved your post today. You are obviously a deep thinker and a talented writer. It’s fantastic to be able to express yourself in words the way that you do. I was introduced to your blog by Corinne. She posted your blog on her own.

    I look forward to reading more.


    • uzma7 says:

      Dear Claire. Thank you so much for your kind words. Am learning to be true to myself, to my inner voice, to be authentic, to be accepting of myself- the shadows and the light. Your wonderful words are much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing you here. Take care and god bless

  13. Interesting post. I think sometimes I embrace the dark for the quiet it offers and I soak it up before trying to figure my way out of it. There are lessons to be found there too. 🙂

  14. Great post, Uzma! I’m so glad you left the link over at Positively Present so I could read it. It’s interesting to think about how we react when we’re faced with darkness in our lives — and how the people around us act as well. You’ve brought up some excellent points in this post and it really speaks to me after writing “Finding Light in the Darkness” last week:

    • uzma7 says:

      @ Positively present. It is very interesting how we react to darkness. After I wrote the post, I actually learned a lot from the comments readers left. Everyone’s reaction is different. I think its based on their perspective of life, on their bearing . Some act from a place of joy, wonder, love, some with courage, some look to family, some enjoy and accept the dark. Loved your post as well. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  15. souldipper says:

    Hello Uzma,

    How I sense the wise teachings of Sufism in your very deep analogous post. Intention, Observance and Trust. I love how you see the power and depth of the moment.

    To answer your question about what I do when the power goes out here on my tiny island in Western Canada – At first I sit still to see if it will come back on. Then, I thank the Beloved for the discipline to keep the candles and the lighter in the same place all the time. Year after year.


    • uzma7 says:

      @ Amy. Thank you so so much for your appreciation of my words. and wow, you do have discipline to keep the candles and the lighter in the same place. I know many who struggle to do that even in a week. But then you are a wise soul.

  16. Aziza says:

    I love how you create this analogy and communicate this message. Rings true for me now, especially the focus on trust.

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