To nourish the soul

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‘To nourish the soul’ is a term that I kept finding around me. A term I am inspired to follow. ‘How’? I wondered, ‘Does one nourish the soul’ ; is it to be found in meditation, prayer, spending time in nature?

Following the message to help the soul find nourishment from the maze of the mind and the world, I went for a walk in the park. Along the pathway I found a mini basketball in the bushes. I let it be hoping the kids who it belonged to would return to find it. Soon as I sat to meditate, I noticed some kids looking for something. I wondered, ‘do I go and tell them where it is, or do I meditate and not disturb my soul?’

I pointed them towards it but they looked in the wrong bushes. So I got up from my bench and went and got it. It made me realize, often we look for solutions, in the wrong places. We’re looking for solace, for fun, for peace in the material world, and it isn’t there. It doesn’t last. So we begin to look for meaning, real meaning. And sometimes we need help.

Meditation is supposed to help, I always thought, a panacea for many troubles. As I sat to mediate a thought struck me. A tree always needs nourishment, especially so after it has weathered a storm. It doesn’t struggle with that, like we do. It accepts it and digs its roots deeper to find more water.  It doesn’t walk away from all humanity, because humanity troubled it. It finds its core and nourishes its deepest roots. It gives shade to people, becomes a home for birds, spreads its branches out to give and take some breaths. It simple does, what it is meant to. It embraces its inter-connectedness with all life.

We humans don’t always do that. We don’t acknowledge that we’re parched or that the branches are broken. We don’t accept the inner bark drying. And we look for solace in worldly things. Or we want to get really mad and shun the world.

Till we get a message to nourish the soul.

So I sat in the park, to just be. Two girls were playing with the ball. A new game one of them invented. Two players stand on either side of the bush. Player no 1 has to throw it into the bush and it has to bounce off to the other side where player no. 2 stands. Of course, the ball got stuck in the bush. What happened? Did the girls feel bad, did they keep trying? They just had fun. It didn’t hold them back, didn’t trouble them. They didn’t blame and wage a war within themselves, with each other or the world.

They continued to enjoy the game, they enjoyed what they had, and finally they changed the goal of the game. They made the so-called obstacle , part of the game. The new game was ‘lets see how deep our ball goes into the bush.’  It was the playing that was important, the way, more than the achievement of a goal.

I smiled so much to myself. Grown ups would have called it failure, called it silly , called it downright foolish to create a goal with such a big obstacle. For the children, the obstacle became a way, they saw the options, they saw learning and worked from their creative simple spirit.

And the kids had questions.  So  I sat to finally meditate (which isn’t just happening because of the kids, and I am laughing at my attempts to try to find peace by shutting my eyes when what I want is right here in front of me )

I felt someone very close to me and opened my eyes to see the two girls. I smiled and asked them ‘what is it ?’ They said ‘what are you doing?’ I replied‘ Meditating, do you know what that is?’ A little girl said ‘yes’.  ‘How do you do it?’, I asked her, wondering how she would explain this very serious act. ‘They taught us at school’, she said (I love this school), ‘You have to sit up straight, close your eyes and breathe’.

I chuckled, how complicated we make simple things, trying to study them, get them right, create theories around them. But this is all there is, ‘ sit up straight, close your eyes, and breathe’.

The girls ran away to ‘loto’ they said. That is the Hyderabadi local word for some lazy rolling. So off they went to roll in the grass and I just watched- enjoying their happiness.

Nourishment for the soul 🙂

Note: How do you nourish your soul? Do share in the comments section.


About Uzma

Welcome . This blog is a place of reflection ,a place of simple inspiration. A place where we share the simplicity and grandeur of life, as it teaches us, humbles us and leaves us full of gratitude. The journey is one of sheer Grace.
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24 Responses to To nourish the soul

  1. souldipper says:

    The blessed search for the perfect meditation! You’ve captured the essence beautifully with your ‘out the mouths of babes’ story. Thank you for taking me there. And for visiting my site.

    I’ll look forward to more of your posts. – Amy

  2. uzma7 says:

    @Amy – Thank you for your kind words. It is truly a blessed search. Love that description of it. Thanks for stopping by and will look forward to seeing you again.

  3. Dia says:

    Hi uzma7, very nice post about nourishing the soul. For me personally, meditation is one of the best ways to nourish my soul. Thanks for sharing

  4. Yu says:

    Great stuff! Thats a pleasant surprise to know that they teach meditation at that one school.
    We adults tend to complicate things too much, when many times the solution for our problems are right in front of us. And on top of that, through society’s conditioning we find it increasingly harder to obtain even the simplest answers.
    Love your blog!

    • uzma7 says:

      @ Yu. Indeed, the problem is in our head-the monkey mind – too much thinking 🙂 Thank you for your kind words and for being here. Do hope to see you around often

  5. Beautiful!

    The whole point is….. “…and I am laughing at my attempts to try to find peace by shutting my eyes when what I want is right here in front of me.”

    I wonder how many people have this sense that you got.

    Keep it up Uzma. 🙂

    • uzma7 says:

      @ Abubakar. Glad you liked the post. I do hope many people are able to see the beauty and wisdom right in front of them. I don’t always and thats when the confusion and maze-like seeking starts. Like the wise say, ‘everything is here- in the now’. It is the mind which is not ‘here. Thank you for your encouragement. God bless

  6. souldipper says:

    Uzma – If I may “double-dip”, I wanted to share my delight with the phrase that Abubakar Jamir highlighted. It stood out for me as well and I neglected to comment on its impact. It deserves the spotlight!

    – Amy

    • uzma7 says:

      Amy, Amy, Amy. Am humbled and really thrilled that you liked the phrase so much and that it spoke to you. THANK YOU, my friend for your kind words and for returning to the post.

  7. Uzma

    Your post is an oasis of calm in a busy day.
    I really liked -how complicated we make simple things. It is so true.

    • uzma7 says:

      @ Marion. Indeed its the mind which creates complications. Am learning to watch the monkey mind, to breathe and be in the moment; learning from it and living it well.

      Thank you so much for your very kind words and for stopping by. Do hope to see you again. God bless

  8. This is fantastic. First I think that would make a great title for a book, Nourish Your Soul. And your second book could be
    “Sit Up Straight, Close Your Eyes and Breathe! What do you think?

    • uzma7 says:

      @ Tess. Love it Tess !! Lets write the books then 🙂 You dictate and I’ll be your scribe, what say 🙂 🙂

      Honestly though ,its a dream of mine to write books. What will be in those books, I still have to figure out. For now its just ‘nourish the soul’ for me . Thank u so much for being here.

  9. It’s amazing how we go out of our’selves’ to look for ourselves…And all the while, like you say, we’ve just got to dig deeper…and have fun while doing it!

    I guess we’ve got to roll in the grass a lot more instead of being so serious about it all!

    Inspiring stuff – as always!

    I’m hoping to see you soon….Yippeee…

    • uzma7 says:

      @ Corinne. Glad this touched you. A poem came to mind when I read your comment. Its by my favourite Maulana Rumi (trans Coleman Barks). Here goes, my friend.

      “I have lived on the lip of insanity

      Wanting to know reasons

      Knocking on a door, it opens

      I have been knocking from the inside!


      • Thanks so much…I love Rumi too, naturally 🙂 And here’s what I said in response to your comment on my post –
        I think the greatest evidence of wisdom is the fact that you consider yourself a seeker still. The moment we believe that we have ‘arrived’ is the moment we cease to be wise! Loved the poem – thank you – isn’t it fitting that we both love Rumi? 🙂

  10. Sufism World says:


    I came across you blog by accident (which on a visit to Abubakers blog), an accident which I welcome as I agree and very much relate to your blog.

    I am now adding you to my list of blogs to follow.

    thank you

    • uzma7 says:

      @Sufism World. It is a pleasure and an honour to welcome you here. Glad you could relate. Love your name ‘sufism world’. Thank u for the follow. God bless

  11. awww that was really lovely to read, I felt so peaceful just imagining the scenes in my head. Very good message in it too 🙂

    • Uzma says:

      @ Sulthana Begum. Thank u so much for your very kind words. Am glad u were able to feel the peace within. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again.

  12. vaidehi says:

    i absolutely LOVED the post uzmi!!!its amazing how inspirations comes from the most mundane activity:) “beauty in simplicity” thats what life is all about i guess 🙂

    keep writing so that our hearts fill with love for all that there is. god bless

    • Uzma says:

      @ Vaidehi. Thank you my dear friend. Your love and support mean a lot, fellow traveler , as we learn and grow together.
      God bless you too.

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