Happiness is here ;on seeking purpose and finding peace

The rose within

A 7 year old girl pranced around with her silver and golden balloons.

She was the lone child in a grown ups party and it didn’t bother her, she made friends, she had fun , she chased some more balloons.

She enjoyed what she had. What she didn’t have, didn’t even strike her mind for in that moment (and always), she had all she needed.

A happy spirit inside of her.

As we sat at a beautiful lakeside table, with a cool night breeze and light reflecting in the water, we looked at her in her red dress with pink and white stripped stockings, and smiled with joy – at her joy- life felt good.

She didn’t have questions or worries, she was happy and joyful –her true nature.

So beautiful – to just be.

The conversation on our table turned to the book Tuesdays with Morrie. Somebody  mentioned how he read it before his job placements began at  business school and for a moment he contemplated all of life.

Why are we here, what are we doing, what are we meant to do ?

People in his university asked him not to do so before placements and he did.

So I said, maybe he was meant to, maybe there was a message in him for it, a message that could help him choose the correct job.

He winced saying he then went on to work for a company that harmed people- a tobacco company. And there was silence.

In that instant I felt sorry and the story lingered with me for a few days now.

The quest for meaningful work is innate in all of us. Some of us, try to find work that is in accordance with our inner values, and it is hard but we try.

Some of us, read a good book on the meaning of life , on providing true value, on living from the heart and then we forget about it. Life and sustenance takes over.

But does it, really take over, I thought to myself. Its been an interesting 2 months.

I met a kind , wise gentleman who gave up his flourishing garment business because he was seeking meaning and is now a Yoga teacher, a person who has created a unique centre of learning and healing, inspiring many many people.

I met a dynamic lady who left the corporate life, to become an integrative  therapist, working with mind body wellness, and energy work and all kinds of interesting things. She takes these to the corporate world  to wake them up

A dear friend, Nadia –a lawyer, moved on to start her own business , a new website  and launched her book, , the Buddha Blueprint –to share  her wisdom and learning from her 13 year quest for meaning.

Another dear childhood friend became an entrepreneur sharing with the world her commitment to wholesome baking and healthy desserts with a baking venture – Celestial Senses.

So here we are. We have questions and emptiness, we have searching and longing. And we also  have inspiration, we have healing, we have solutions, in and all around us.

If the world is hard, (as some people say), then the world itself, is also a balm.

Its not in going to new places but in seeing with new eyes that matters, (as the famous quote goes )

I wonder so much at life, at issues, at my purpose only to realize , all I have to do is surrender.

To let go and begin.

Roles change in life, and they are but a name for‘ a rose is a rose’.

I may work as a writer or healer, people may be businessman or yoga teachers, executive or bakers.

Happiness flowers, when we unearth what is within . When we heal the troubles inside, when we work from a place of giving soul and not worried mind, when we trust that all is well and take each step in peace.

I look back at my friends and what they did.

-They let go of their old jobs not worrying about what work they will do in the future. -They trusted and set out to find meaning.

-They fearlessly tried different things, keeping what worked and leaving what didn’t, without regret.

-They had courage and faith, and so the world opened doors to them.

-They worked hard, they realized the value of giving and that is what they did.

They found the peaceful , happy soul within.

So today I realize, like the little child with balloons in our hand, we have to Trust, to enjoy what is, to do the best with it , to be grateful for it , to focus on what we have and know, its all exactly as it needs to be.

We need to not forget and bury ourselves in stress and forget this inner nature of ours. We have to let it flower, to bask in its beauty, to let the scent fill out into the world

We have to open ourselves, our minds and hearts to the joy, the peace, the delirious contentment and beauty – to the rose within.



About Uzma

Welcome . This blog is a place of reflection ,a place of simple inspiration. A place where we share the simplicity and grandeur of life, as it teaches us, humbles us and leaves us full of gratitude. The journey is one of sheer Grace.
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8 Responses to Happiness is here ;on seeking purpose and finding peace

  1. souldipper says:

    What a great message your post has for me, Uzma. You have reminded me to surrender and trust – so simply, so easily forgotten.

    Many blessings to you, sweet messenger.

    • Uzma says:

      @Amy. Always a pleasure to read your comment. Thank you for the blessings, my friends and many more to you, so we may surrender and trust, together.

  2. Wonderful stuff, Uzma. I so agree with every word. There’s truly enough out there for each one of us, if only we’d let go.
    Love and hugs.

  3. Dia says:

    Hi Uzma,

    Very nice my friend. We have to be grateful and focus on what we have all the time. Thanks for sharing

  4. Farnoosh says:

    Dear Uzma, I can’t believe how closely we were in sync with our thoughts – your message here is beautiful and I have no doubt your purpose will find you so do surrender but keep writing please! 🙂

  5. Uzma says:

    @ Farnoosh. Yup, great minds think alike 😉 . However, am still thinking and you’ve conquered fear. What an achievement!!
    Thank u so much for stopping by , for your appreciation and encouragement. Means a lot.

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