Life , now, is lovely !

Life is really simple. Fantastic sunsets, stunning cliffs, a gigantic rainbow and  the freedom to breathe – to just be.

We loose these so often though as we hide in our shells , in our sad emotions, in our hyper stress, in cubicles or our rooms . We’re never busy, we’re never tired, we’re never afraid – we’re just hiding.

Hiding from the incredible Beauty that is around us and within us.

Do we let ourselves be touched by this beauty ? Do we spend time in Nature, on our terraces, in a park ? Do we watch the falling rain, do we hear the fountain in the park, or the birds chirp?  Do we feel the wind expand our chests, and our spirits ? Do we laugh and crack silly jokes?

Do we live from the heart, knowing that everything is brilliant, just now, just as it is !

Life will sometimes be hard, and we will be surprised but do we let the good surprise us too ??

Do we look at life , as though it is a journey, a holiday, a trip, to have fun on, to smile on, to forget ourselves for a while, and again, just be !

There is no ‘I’ today. Incredible Nature took it away.

There is Awe and Beauty and humble joy.

Can we live like this forever ?

Do what we love, love what we do.

 Let every moment be full of what we believe in – Inspiration, Wisdom, Goodness, Joy and Peace.

Can we see the difficulty, do the work required, and be happy with the result for we know we put in our best effort and didn’t run away and hide 🙂

Can we be stuck in traffic and be aware of the mind’s rambling, till the traffic dissipates and the way’s open ?

Can we use our imagination to give a thoughtful , simple gift and touch a heart then ?

Life becomes a Dream !!

Now, in this moment, isn’t it Lovely !


About Uzma

Welcome . This blog is a place of reflection ,a place of simple inspiration. A place where we share the simplicity and grandeur of life, as it teaches us, humbles us and leaves us full of gratitude. The journey is one of sheer Grace.
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7 Responses to Life , now, is lovely !

  1. Rand says:

    Hello Uzma!

    “There is no ‘I’ today. Incredible Nature took it away.”

    What a lovely post to greet me this evening…it is almost like you were on the beach with the high sandstone cliffs to our back today!

    I went to Torrey Pines State Beach this late afternoon to try and catch my one anual Corbina out of the surf. There were other fishermen of all nationalities there also trying to catch the elusive Corbina. The long beach is also a favorite place for runners and walkers. I love to get chest high in the waves then through my fishing line further out. I will then retreat backwards to the shoreline while my line is being pulled out by the current. Its so good on the body and soul!

    Here is a link to the park:

    “Can we see the difficulty, do the work required, and be happy with the result for we know we put in our best effort and didn’t run away and hide”

    It is also like you were at my latest job that I completed the other day!

    It is so easy to just do the minimal…to go through the motions of your job…but is it really easy??

    There is a lot of stress and fear that weighs on the body and mind when we are not happily and energetically engaged in our work.

    Just how much more pleased are we when a new difficult job task is successfully accomplished?

    It is always an plesant experience to come here Uzma…there is a wonderful peace.

    Thank you,

    • Uzma says:

      @Rand. Thank you so much Rand for being here also and sharing your experience on the beach. Nature does that to us, no ? Fill us with joy and peace.

  2. Salil says:

    Awesome Uzma !!! Such beautiful thoughts. Just reading these makes me so Peaceful & calm. Life becomes Joyful. Wish you find more & more avenues to Inspire the world with the wonderful Gift that you have.

  3. souldipper says:

    Thank you, Uzma, for this reminder: ” Let every moment be full of what we believe in – Inspiration, Wisdom, Goodness, Joy and Peace.” May each of those be a thirst that we crave so much, we’ll go within to feel them and quench the thirst.

  4. Uzma says:

    @Souldipper. Absolutely. May we find it within. Thank you Amy for stopping by and sharing your important words. Peace and joy do begin, from within. God bless

  5. pea says:

    It is a very simple message and I rather like it. ‘Now is lovely’ is a great note to carry around in one’s head. The questions you asked were all so valid, but can we live like this forever? I don’t know – tough things in life intrude and we have to deal with them as best we can, so I don’t know…but your words are a great guide and reminder.

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