Living in the moment – in Joy and Hardship.

When we read something beautiful, we want to be more..

When we see something lovely, we dream of being so,

Great beauty moves us, deep wisdom touches us, a great joke makes us laugh, a child’s grin makes us smile.

We are truly in the moment, enjoying what is, being moved by it.

And in that moment, we move onto the next – we dream.

Greatness inspires us, simplicity soothes us, laughter cheers us,

and then , when worries recede into the past, we move into the future.

The future – from our hearts.

So important to create this space, over and over again.

To live like kids, to dream , big dreams.

Inspiration, Beauty, Wisdom, Simplicity, Laughter, bring us into this lovely moment,

Here- Now – Everything is Well. This moment is great, and so only if we could live every moment in this smug happy inspired place, how great and joyful life would be.

Can we do this ?

Can we always be inspired, happy, laughing ?

Sure, my mind wakes up, and says there will be challenges and that is also , just as much, a part of life.

 We live in the moment; even in hardship. We live in the moment, when we find gratitude for the learning, for the humility, for all the things that are going well. So we live in that huge moment, with every strength and simple grace.

 Hardship can break us, or make us realize the incredible strength of the human spirit.

The strength to go on, to relentless find solutions, to have indomitable courage, to accept weakness,to let go, to win , to loose, to know that every moment is a miracle and what matters is how well we lived, in truth, with courage and hope, with dreams and hard-work, with prayers and miracles -in that moment.

How are we living, in this moment ? And all moments, called life ?

With much gratitude,




About Uzma

Welcome . This blog is a place of reflection ,a place of simple inspiration. A place where we share the simplicity and grandeur of life, as it teaches us, humbles us and leaves us full of gratitude. The journey is one of sheer Grace.
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8 Responses to Living in the moment – in Joy and Hardship.

  1. souldipper says:

    No matter how well our intellect knows about gratitude, we need reminding. When it seems the furthest possible destination, we can at least trust that it patiently waits for us to finally arrive. Gratitude validates Divinity’s omnipotent presence. Thank you for your beautiful nudge, Uzma.

    • Uzma says:

      @souldipper. Wise , wise words Amy. We have to trust that it patiently waits for us. Trust and patience, such important things, that keep us happy. I love what you say about gratitude. Their is magic in gratitude, and what you say makes it come alive, even more. Thank you.

  2. Dee says:

    ‘Living in the moment’ – such a beautiful topic to write about and you have done so beautifully. If only we all could constantly focus and live in the now… leaving the past behind and not worrying about the future.. life would make all the sense it has to make. Enjoyed reading your post.

    • Uzma says:

      @Dee. Thank you so much for your kind words Dee. We can’t worry about not focussing in the ‘now’ or try to hard to get there, or worry about it. We just have to ‘be’, ‘here’. Tough, but when we can , its lovely. Right now, for me, when the past or future perturbs me, focussing on my breath, taking some deep abdominal yogic breaths really helps. I suddenly bounce back into the ‘now’. So far its working like a charm. Do try.

  3. Sophia says:

    Hello Uzma,

    A beautiful post. You have also brought up such an important question that I feel can be forever contemplated. Why do bad things happen to us and how do we deal with it. I really like your message of hardship helping us to “realize the incredible strength of the human spirit.” I like the idea of accepting hardship as part of life, as part of living in the moment, and helping one know “how well we lived.” No matter how much we try, we cannot escape hardship, so there must be some wisdom in it. I love this by Oscar Wilde:
    “I have go to make everything that has happened to me good for me. The plank bed, the loathsome food….each and all of these things I have to transform into a spiritual experience.”
    Perhaps when we are stripped of modern luxuries, we become more contemplative about our existence.
    Your question of how we are living in this moment. I would have to say, similar to how you closed your post. At the end of the day, I sometimes (although I really have to do it more often) bring to mind the things I am grateful for, no matter how little they might seem. Helps me to be just that-grateful for the moment.

    • Uzma says:

      @Sophia. Hello, and a warm warm welcome Sophia. So good to have you here.
      Why do bad things happen ? In my experience, when something terrible happens, say, like an accident , often,one outlook is this– that– we just don’t know why. We can go in circles trying to figure it out, but really, simply, honestly- we don’t know and thats it.

      It really is, God’s Will. And thats it. What I do, is simply accept it, in all Surrender and Trust.

      Having said that, hardship makes me introspective, about myself, how we live, and the meaning of life itself.
      First, in difficult times, we choose not to become victims. Not to be, cranky and cry about fate etc. We accept. And then we fight 🙂

      And then we discover , like I said, the strength of the human spirit and His Mercy that opens ways. And how He opens ways !!! Its humbling and one is so filled with gratitude.
      Its a strange experience. So much difficulty and pain and suddenly so much awe and amazement !!

      Like your lovely Oscar Wilde quote, it become a spiritual experience, a defining one. And thats when one sees the depth ,the power of the human spirit and our lives. How far will be rise ?? It becomes such a noble fight, when we walk with honesty , integrity, innovation and sheer hard work, braving difficulty, seeing it , in its eyes, every single day. And then , one day, we emerge. .like you say, knowing that we lived well.

      Thank you so much for your quote Sophia and this lovely conversation.
      God bless.

  4. Sophia says:

    Thanks so much Uzma for these additional wise words on hardship.
    I should quote Wilde properly, apologies. It should read, “I have got to make everything that has happened to me good for me….”
    Hope you have a wonderful week:)

    • Uzma says:

      @Sophia. Thank you my friend , for the appreciation. Just my humble experience. Sometimes we get bruised by difficulty and sometimes it teaches us so much. Thanks for the quote again. Have a great week too.

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