A goal , a way – full of heart !

Today, I am happy to lose. Their was a goal , an outcome I was attached too and it didn’t happen. And in that moment,  I felt peace. It was a very pleasant revelation.

There was peace, because I truly felt, that what is meant to be it will be. And all my worry, anxiety, about the way, the goal – vanished.

This made me realize the way too has to be peaceful.

So the resolution now is, not to wait for a goal to be happy or to make life changes.

Rather make those changes now. Be at peace now. Not getting what one wants, helps one  focus on what we really do want.

So will we try again at the same goal. Will the goal get tweaked.  Was the goal , a goal of ego, or a goal of heart.

The goal of heart and a way of heart too.  In all conviction, can I live in this moment knowing that the best for me, awaits me. That the best is here and will always be.

Am happy for this moment, of loss, of learning , of patience and walking with joy now.


– Uzma






About Uzma

Welcome . This blog is a place of reflection ,a place of simple inspiration. A place where we share the simplicity and grandeur of life, as it teaches us, humbles us and leaves us full of gratitude. The journey is one of sheer Grace.
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7 Responses to A goal , a way – full of heart !

  1. souldipper says:

    I’m happy for you, Uzma. Peace waits for us…I’m the one who forgets its patient presence within.

    • Uzma says:

      @Thank you soul dipper. We all forget. I know I forget most of the times , so I truly value it , when peace prevails. Here’s to us finding greater and greater peace within.

  2. Sophia says:

    Hello Uzma,

    This is a beautiful post. Simple, yet the message if very powerful. I was similarly reflecting this morning on certain goals that I had been stringent on achieving, and that over the years have not necessarily materialized as I wanted them to. But I don’t have regrets because I have come to appreciate life as been fluid, goals as changing just as we do, and life simply happening. And so, by being more open, I discovered other things to ‘take place’ of those earlier goals. I love your idea of knowing that the best always awaits us and of finding happiness in this very moment, rather than projecting it into the future.


    • Uzma says:

      @Sophia. So true and so beautiful Sophia – not to have regrets like you say. It’s such a big move into Trust, thats when we know the best is now and will be. Sometimes , I feel, our surrounding, our conditioning make us believe happiness lies in this or that and these goals, these achievements are important but somewhere we realize and ask ourselves – are they really ? What really matters ? For me right now the answer is, a good heart, a kind spirit , strength of character, a rock solid person. It’s almost like one looses a bit of attachment from this world..

  3. Rand says:

    Beautiful…simply just beautiful.
    The flow of the universe
    And how what you present is exactly what is occurring in my life.
    I want to manifest my goal from the heart.
    I want to manifest like that of the beautiful whale I watched yesterday for about an hour 200 yards from the shoreline…breatching, spouting, spying from his heart until the last splash upon the sun setting golden glistening ocean.

    Peace be with you Uzma.

    • Uzma says:

      @Rand. What beautiful words and a beautiful scene with the whale and the golden ocean. How free, how happy, how ‘whole’, the whale must be. A wonderful goal from the heart you have. .Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. pea says:

    We are on the same page this month Uzma as I have written something very similar for an upcoming post. It is a great feeling to let go of expectation isn’t it and opt for the choice that ultimately brings more happiness and you seem to have found that balance.
    A lovely post my friend.

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