The Magic of Joy ! What Joy ! !

A rainbow met my my dear friend up in the sky, and they looked at each other through an aircrafts window. The pilot announced the vision, the wonder. And on the ground, in my home, I could feel it too.

 Two best friends exchanged rings and a dream of love was born.

 Family and friends danced and laughed forgetting time and only joy remained. And our hearts brimmed too.

 A fellow traveller wrote of making magic from paper. The name little students give to orgami.

We make magic. From paper. In friendship. As the rainbow unfolds across the sky.

 Joy, what joy !!

 When I choose to be aware of the judgemental thought and smile at it , it leaves quietly through the door,

When I embrace who I am, and enjoy my being, a loveliness emerges in all that we do .

 When we see joy, it sees us too.

 We make magic and the rainbow unfolds across the sky .


About Uzma

Welcome . This blog is a place of reflection ,a place of simple inspiration. A place where we share the simplicity and grandeur of life, as it teaches us, humbles us and leaves us full of gratitude. The journey is one of sheer Grace.
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One Response to The Magic of Joy ! What Joy ! !

  1. synchronicitybridge says:

    Here I smile looking at you 🙂

    I found a hand blown glass beaker shape vase in a thrift shop the other day. It had some filigree wire formed around it for hanging. When I first looked at it I thought to turn it upside down. My next thought was that I could attach more wire to it so that it could be hung as a recepticle for holding water. So the corn flower blue beaker was hung next to my bird feeder.

    Yesterday I was in the midst of a ‘judgmental’ thought. When I went to look outside there was the sun shining through the beaker leaving it to look like a blue sapphire. And it was at that very moment my first thirsty visitor, a Blue Jay, came to drink from the beaker. My gift was returned with full grace and a smile lit my heart with all the colors of love.

    Thank you Uzma and all my best wishes for your friends bond of love and marraige.

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