Our purpose- of grand, grand design.

Seeing Nature, makes philosophers out of all of us. A photographer studies the smallest pieces of sand under a microscope to see how beautiful each nano piece is.

Do we ever look at sad, or mud, or the floor or a table or our skin to think how radiantly beautiful each nano part us, and how these parts make our whole?

Each distilled over centuries, each with a simple purpose, each beautiful and living with meaning.

Not a purpose of fame and richness and success but a purpose of grand design. To pulsate so our hearts beat, to be soft as we walk on the beach, to shine as rays of the sun. And there is light and this is life.

So the mothers that feed that children and take care of homes,truly live in the spirit of nurturing, being so beautiful in their care and with love, in the nitty grittys of house work, taking forward life. 

The ones that work the fields, keep an ecosystem going, cleaning a field, throwing old weeds, and watching pink flowers beam with glory.

Whatever we do, wherever we are, these stunning cells make up our life. Can you imagine always being, always feeling so beautiful. So part of eternity . 

Magnificent, grand, grand, design. What joy, what pride !! And we still go looking for meaning when it all here. Keep moving, doing, serving, being. 

Magnificent, grand, grand, design.

The beautiful nano details of our world


About Uzma

Welcome . This blog is a place of reflection ,a place of simple inspiration. A place where we share the simplicity and grandeur of life, as it teaches us, humbles us and leaves us full of gratitude. The journey is one of sheer Grace.
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2 Responses to Our purpose- of grand, grand design.

  1. synchronicitybridge says:

    Sonnet to Creation

    Lightning speed.
    Molecule flow.
    Bolt coming from seed.
    Stellar beams into slow
    Entrancing dreams.
    Wonder by design light impedes
    Gravity with kisses that blow.
    Creation swirling in kind
    Awakening a radiant birth of dawn.
    Asunder to rhyme all blend.
    Existence to time laughs our mind.
    Breathe of fire each tear is drawn.
    Beauty by design Universe defends:
    Thundering Stars, Gracious Moon, Earthly Life align…

    ~ Rand

    Thank you Uzma.
    There is a beauty that haunts me afer I read each of your post…

  2. mushtaqtariq says:

    Masha Allah very beautiful poem… it reflects your interest in God as well as in Science. Excellent. Also welcome to my blog to get some Downloads with audio video effects…

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