Accepting Storms

I always thought, that we have to find a cure for sadness, a remedy for tears, a solution to pain.

Who wants to live with a hurt, an ache, a thorn in the foot ?

So we live trying to prevent it, escape it, erase it.

It seems this struggle defines so many of our lives.

A move away from difficulty.

Its as if sadness and pain are unwanted. Yet I now see, that the cliff, the fall, the volcanoes, are as much part of life, as the summer and spring. I can’t run away from them, I can’t label them as ‘bad’. I can’t keep stuffing them away, or keep trying to solve them.

There will always be a storm, that will uproot trees and that’s the way the earth is designed.

Call it a test, a trial, a dusting of rust, a road of patience.

This is balance. To see suffering and joy. And not wallow in pain and not lose self in laughter.
Mostly, to embrace, recognize and deeply accept, that there will be hurt, there will be lows, and that’s how the earth rolls. That is simply The Creators Will, and that’s it.

I will pray for ease, I will ask for sabr (patience), and I will persevere on. Not wishing away what Allah decree’s, but embracing it always. Not making hurt the cornerstone of that day, but just a wind that passes. A wind that may require me to stand firmly in the ground, and keep balance.

It is now, to not give so much importance to turmoil, to not wish it away for the winds will keep changing and the boat will rock. It is foolish to think I can set sail and not meet bad weather.

It’s easier to accept a storm may come and will always come and then come again.

Life, this. Perfection is Elsewhere.

Action Plan. Beginning with Intention. There will be sadness and pain, hurt and disappointment. Don’t dwell it in. Keep sailing on.

Simply accepting this makes me breathe easier, feel lighter. Praise Him and send blessing upon our beloved Prophet (pbuh) through it all , and all .

About Uzma

Welcome . This blog is a place of reflection ,a place of simple inspiration. A place where we share the simplicity and grandeur of life, as it teaches us, humbles us and leaves us full of gratitude. The journey is one of sheer Grace.
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4 Responses to Accepting Storms

  1. synchronicitybridge says:


    I grasp the helm in a raged sea

    Wind swept

    I stand free.

    One gasp death’s realm ravaged we be

    Mind wept

    you land free.

    What elapse the elm’s aged leaves?

    God kept

    his hands free

    ~ Rand


    …yes the equilibrium of the universe

    Thank you Uzma!

  2. Salil says:

    Absolutely marvelous. It came at a time I was struggling with accepting What IS vs. What SHOULD BE. I have always heard the concept of looking for the Gift in the adversity, however my reality was not coming to terms with it.

    This piece from you is yet another reminder for me to develop Faith & accept the dichotomy of life.

    Thank You Uzma.

  3. Raafia Syed says:

    very well written.Very deep and thought provoking.

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