Using Our Time Well.

Time scares me, it also fills me with joy. It feels full and bursting, like a pulse rushing through, or so empty and hollow, with nothing to its name.

The desire is to have an organized, productive, happy day.  To move towards a goal.

Then I watch a lot of TV on the internet or read or run errands. And the work happens in between. Or on a busy day, I only work and work and its frantic, high energy and full of stress and joy.  Always a rush or no rush at all , it seems.  Truly a pendulum of the clock 🙂

We judge our time according to its productiveness, or its happiness, or the ability to come back to peaceful state.

Or we forget all about time and get caught up in emotion.

Am wondering if there’s another way at looking at this ever-present, ever slippery, invisible concept.

Can it be, what good did I do today ? Practical. Real. Pebbles. Raindrops. That light up the world.

A kind word, appreciation, a smile, some giving, some humble taking, a blessing.

At the end of the day, as we wonder of usefulness, purposefulness, goals, direction, the question can be.

What good did I do today ? Who did I help, in blessing, saying or giving

I’ve been looking at the stars and paving the way, and sometimes its dark or the star’s light is too dim or its just lost in the sky. So I am lost too.

Yet, what I have, is the little space in front of me, to fill with , I have Guidance from Up Above. It says, to help the traveler, the neighbor, family, the needy.

I can’t keep thinking about time, and what to do in the morning, and then afternoon and then night and then feel bad if it gets late, or am confused, or lost or something.

What good did I do today, now, this moment ?

What defines me, chasing stars, or walking towards Light.

In this moment, all moments. Light.

About Uzma

Welcome . This blog is a place of reflection ,a place of simple inspiration. A place where we share the simplicity and grandeur of life, as it teaches us, humbles us and leaves us full of gratitude. The journey is one of sheer Grace.
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2 Responses to Using Our Time Well.

  1. Hajira qutubuddin says:

    Askm Uzma. Your topic today really has a connection to my current thoughts. Perhaps a coming of age, a sudden realization of everything I’ve always talked about…but all now starting to make sense . as a mother and housewife the day really does go fast, im so busy doing this or that and then running around the kids….but recently I felt a strange dissatisfaction, a yearn to be somebody , to do something BIG …and yet diss appointment at not doing what I thought I should be doing….I asked my self the same question ‘ what am I doing with my time?’ A few days passed and my mind was telling me to ‘chase the stars’…. But my heart beat a different tune, an honest one….’light’…only following the light can give ultimate satisfaction. The light of happiness, the light of helping , the light of God. Which isn’t selfish, but for everyone. It’s fine to be a NOBODY as long as you follow the light, you’ll always be a SOMEBODY for HIM. And that is BIG. 🙂

    • Uzma says:

      So so true, Hajira. For Him, we ‘re all somebody special. What a lovely thought. We do worry about doing something big in this world, yet to remember Him is BIG.

      Thank you for bring that wonderful idea here. Means a lot.

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