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There are carnations in my room. And they’re fading. In shades of peach and pink. Fading, ever so gracefully. A few days old, and still so beautiful. It inspires me. What a way to live ! And age. And travel. … Continue reading

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Using Our Time Well.

Time scares me, it also fills me with joy. It feels full and bursting, like a pulse rushing through, or so empty and hollow, with nothing to its name. The desire is to have an organized, productive, happy day.  To … Continue reading

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Remembering You

There is a beat in the heart, the joy of music, the rhythm of fun.                                                   A pre wedding party and so much laughter … Continue reading

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Pray, Praise, Be Grateful

Pray aloud, For the mind to quieten, the worry to dissipate. Pray deeply, for all winds to hear, for my being to resonate. Pray absolutely, for the world to fall away, for every particle to rise, to sway. Pray with … Continue reading

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Our purpose- of grand, grand design.

Seeing Nature, makes philosophers out of all of us. A photographer studies the smallest pieces of sand under a microscope to see how beautiful each nano piece is. Do we ever look at sad, or mud, or the floor or … Continue reading

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Finding happiness and equanimity.

‘Her goal is to always be happy’, someone once described me thus. And its true. Its what I was seeking.  The sun that never sets, the light that always shines, the flowers always in bloom, harmony amongst all people.  A … Continue reading

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 beauty begets Beauty, grace finds Grace, awe meets Awe.  When I share, the wonder of a magnificent sky exploding with soft clouds and shots of pink and light orange, I see the trees softly swaying even more.  When I write … Continue reading

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