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Living from our core of goodness and peace.

 Like a bird we want to soar free. Like a bird we want to huddle in our nests.  Like a bird we want to spread our wings and explore speed, feel the power, the dynamic beauty go through our spirits … Continue reading

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Sadness and Trust.

Sometimes, sadness can be where we are. Often we’re told to be cheery and positive, beaming and happy. I know I pride myself when I am happy and excited. It’s wonderful and I work to be happy at all times. … Continue reading

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Positivity & Peace : Focus Matters

Often,we really yearn for peace and simplicity in our lives. Yet all the while, our attention, our thoughts, even our action is foccused on the negative. We’re trying to find solutions, yet the mind is always in a re-actionary mode. … Continue reading

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From chaos to peace;a simple roadmap.

Sometimes our heads and minds feel like scrambled eggs. That’s what a whole lot of confusion, options, big decisions, difficult people can do to you. Yet we must also know, if it’s in my head,my mind, then I have to … Continue reading

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Peace is a perfume

Peace reached me, like a whiff of perfume, as I learned. Learned that we make difficulty harder, by believing so in our heads, learned that their are lessons everywhere, that submission and surrender are really key. I know many a … Continue reading

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A healing journey- to write,to discover,to come home, to give.

 Writing is to me, an expression, an interaction of my thoughts and life. Its evolving into a vehicle, a means, a medium of healing, for myself and everyone else. I sought meaning and purpose, the reason for existence,for the depth … Continue reading

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Healing:redefined for me

The idea of healing has always fascinated me. Initially, I thought it was only the body that healed and allopathic medicine was the only tool. Now am learning there is so much more to this beautiful world. Yoga helped me … Continue reading

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