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To always sparkle; the simple joy in doing what we love , now !

Wisdom is everywhere, I’ve realised. It’s us who have created Walls around ourselves and in our souls. I am learning that I am, my biggest obstacle. So am learning to simply do some deep breathing everyday, and set an intention … Continue reading

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Find Inspiration Now !

What is this thing called inspiration ? A walk on a cobbled street with dimly lit yellow lanterns posts, music with lyrics that are lovely and reminiscent , a movie with characters that are inquisitive and dreamy, that want to … Continue reading

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Life , now, is lovely !

Life is really simple. Fantastic sunsets, stunning cliffs, a gigantic rainbow and  the freedom to breathe – to just be. We loose these so often though as we hide in our shells , in our sad emotions, in our hyper … Continue reading

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To just give.

Can I do this ? Just give. Give, by writing what stems from the heart. Give, by simply listening. Give, by refraining on sharing words of advise and just accepting. Give, by always, always looking with compassion. Give, by not … Continue reading

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Who are you talking to?

Artist :Gaurav Bose   Do you talk to God? Was the question I heard somewhere. Do I ? I wondered. I pray, I ask when I am in need, I often like to say a prayer of gratitude. Yet once … Continue reading

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Learning in the rain:Love, joy,courage and the moment.

A beautiful day got adorned with precious rain. It poured suddenly and we all ran for cover ; old ladies  walking in the park, a little girl playing with her father , a group of boys chasing each other, burqa … Continue reading

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What the heart says

“What the heart says is beautiful, is true and is powerful. Listen to the heart and write from it. Live from it.” I’ve been given this advice many times, by many people, sometimes by wise guides and sometimes by mean … Continue reading

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