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To Be Content.

Happiness is suddenly not all that I thought it was. It is fickle, it is fleeting, addictive. How we chase it. And it never stays. Never there. Wrong chase this. Happiness doesn’t need to be on a pedestal. We yearn … Continue reading

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Finding happiness and equanimity.

‘Her goal is to always be happy’, someone once described me thus. And its true. Its what I was seeking.  The sun that never sets, the light that always shines, the flowers always in bloom, harmony amongst all people.  A … Continue reading

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Living from our core of goodness and peace.

 Like a bird we want to soar free. Like a bird we want to huddle in our nests.  Like a bird we want to spread our wings and explore speed, feel the power, the dynamic beauty go through our spirits … Continue reading

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Do you believe in magic, in goodness, in Grace ?

 Do I believe in magic ? I ask myself, as I watch a movie of a little girl who believes in goodness.  Her father is presumed dead, and she’s made into a servant at her school.From riches to rags she … Continue reading

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Intentions create Magic : How to use intentions to create wonder and joy.

For a long, long while  I was lost in the world of thoughts and words. An intention was finally set, to live. Not from the thoughts of books, or great people , but from life as it leads us, and … Continue reading

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To always sparkle; the simple joy in doing what we love , now !

Wisdom is everywhere, I’ve realised. It’s us who have created Walls around ourselves and in our souls. I am learning that I am, my biggest obstacle. So am learning to simply do some deep breathing everyday, and set an intention … Continue reading

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What does it feel like to be happy ?

What does happiness, really, really feel like ?  Danielle LaPorte makes us ask ourselves these questions, in an attempt to find our calling, our work, our ideal life. (in her Strategy of Desire worksheet) What does that feel like to … Continue reading

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