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Living in the moment – in Joy and Hardship.

When we read something beautiful, we want to be more.. When we see something lovely, we dream of being so, Great beauty moves us, deep wisdom touches us, a great joke makes us laugh, a child’s grin makes us smile. … Continue reading

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Life , now, is lovely !

Life is really simple. Fantastic sunsets, stunning cliffs, a gigantic rainbow and  the freedom to breathe – to just be. We loose these so often though as we hide in our shells , in our sad emotions, in our hyper … Continue reading

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Perspective & emotions,Joy and peace.

Perspective is an interesting thing. Quite like reactions. We can take charge of them or have them take charge of us. The ability to recognize our own choice, our power, even our responsibility when its comes to both perspective and … Continue reading

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Peace is a perfume

Peace reached me, like a whiff of perfume, as I learned. Learned that we make difficulty harder, by believing so in our heads, learned that their are lessons everywhere, that submission and surrender are really key. I know many a … Continue reading

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Loving this moment and life.

As one experiences life’s challenges, one also automatically values life like never before and values what life offers. Its beauty, its laughter, the chill in the blowing wind, the pink carnations. A good time, the emotions of joy and excitement … Continue reading

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Healing:redefined for me

The idea of healing has always fascinated me. Initially, I thought it was only the body that healed and allopathic medicine was the only tool. Now am learning there is so much more to this beautiful world. Yoga helped me … Continue reading

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Happiness is here ;on seeking purpose and finding peace

The rose within A 7 year old girl pranced around with her silver and golden balloons. She was the lone child in a grown ups party and it didn’t bother her, she made friends, she had fun , she chased … Continue reading

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