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The dream of Light

 In a child’s heart, dreams are born. Then, ever so often, as we grow up, we forget the dreams. Then we begin a new pursuit for ‘what is my dream, my goal, my ambition?’ We look and we yearn and … Continue reading

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Living from our core of goodness and peace.

 Like a bird we want to soar free. Like a bird we want to huddle in our nests.  Like a bird we want to spread our wings and explore speed, feel the power, the dynamic beauty go through our spirits … Continue reading

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Living in the moment – in Joy and Hardship.

When we read something beautiful, we want to be more.. When we see something lovely, we dream of being so, Great beauty moves us, deep wisdom touches us, a great joke makes us laugh, a child’s grin makes us smile. … Continue reading

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Life , now, is lovely !

Life is really simple. Fantastic sunsets, stunning cliffs, a gigantic rainbow and  the freedom to breathe – to just be. We loose these so often though as we hide in our shells , in our sad emotions, in our hyper … Continue reading

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Positivity & Peace : Focus Matters

Often,we really yearn for peace and simplicity in our lives. Yet all the while, our attention, our thoughts, even our action is foccused on the negative. We’re trying to find solutions, yet the mind is always in a re-actionary mode. … Continue reading

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From chaos to peace;a simple roadmap.

Sometimes our heads and minds feel like scrambled eggs. That’s what a whole lot of confusion, options, big decisions, difficult people can do to you. Yet we must also know, if it’s in my head,my mind, then I have to … Continue reading

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Perspective & emotions,Joy and peace.

Perspective is an interesting thing. Quite like reactions. We can take charge of them or have them take charge of us. The ability to recognize our own choice, our power, even our responsibility when its comes to both perspective and … Continue reading

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